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As the capital of Texas, Austin is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the state. As the second-largest state in the United States, flying is often the most economic way to get to the capital for business. This is why the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport is busy. 

Airport travelers are usually at the airport for one of two reasons, leaving town or arriving for business or pleasure. The most common way that people get to and or from the airport to downtown Austin is by taxi and shuttle bus. Both options have positives and negatives.

You can either have a quick ride from downtown or an inexpensive ride to and from the airport to downtown. The quickest way is to hire a taxi and the trip is about 15 minutes depending on the city traffic. However, the ride will cost about $30 for a short ride. Now, if you prefer the cheapest ride, the shuttle bus directly downtown from the airport will only cost you a couple of bucks. However, the shuttle bus will take you 30 minutes to get downtown. 

Most hotels in downtown Austin operate shuttle buses which are used to get people who are staying at the hotel to and from the airport. This service is often included in a package deal. If not, the price is set per trip to and from the airport to the hotel that you are staying at. 

Fortunately, in Austin there is a third way that is gaining popularity as an alternative form of airport transportation, hiring a driver. These transportation companies offer luxury vehicles that are much more comfortable than the typical taxi or shuttle bus. Another benefit is that with a hired vehicle you will not have to share the ride with anyone outside of your party. 

The biggest benefit is that the ride is often much cheaper than a shuttle bus, much more comfortable, and just as fast as the typical taxi cab ride. The hired transportation is also going to be a whole lot more comfortable. You can choose from a limousine to a luxury minibus to take you to the airport or pick you up from the airport. 

So, if you find yourself needing to get to the airport in Austin and you not wanting call a cab, Uber, or take a long regular shuttle bus ride. You can hire a transportation company to drive you in a luxury vehicle and arrive in style. If you are looking to impress someone, you can hire a limousine and stretch out in the back and even have a few drinks before or after your flight. 

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