Why the new generation is driving less

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It appears we progress further away from the baby boomers who loved their cars, the affinity for the car wains. It is believed that up to 50% of the Generation Z group of people do not even possess a driver’s license. This is quite astonishing considering the number of cars, trucks, and vans on the roadways today. 

One of the primary drivers of this phenomenon is the environment and the idea driving fewer cars will help. What helps with this concept is that they tend to be more social closer to their home base and therefore they don’t need a car. With the ability to interact with friends and others in their inner circle, they don’t per se have to rely on one to get around. 

Another reason that members of Generation Z don’t rely on cars is that they are so much more technologically advanced. They know that they have many more options and don’t necessarily have to own a car or drive themselves to get everything that they need in life. They can pull out their phone and tap on an app or their browser to find everything they need and it will arrive in a few days or minutes (food delivery services are plentiful). 

For those times that they need to get somewhere by themselves or in a group, there are services that they can hire to solve that problem. These transportation companies offer many different types of vehicles that can accommodate from 2 people to groups of more than 200. You can choose a luxury limousine that can fit 12 people, for an intimate group. 

For the larger groups, you can have luxury travel minibusses, party buses, and executive motor coaches. Each vehicle is air-conditioned and depending on the company, some allow adult beverages to be consumed in their vehicles. They also come with an experienced driver to handle all of the driving. 

So, that would make it even less necessary for Generation Z people to have to worry about having a driver’s license. With so many options available on their phone, other forms of transportation are readily available. There truly isn’t a need to have a car or a driver’s license, since all states issue alternate forms of identification. 

When the need arises and they have a ride, they can hire a vehicle and get to where they need to go. Seems much simpler and less harmful to the environment. 

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