Private vehicles ensure a safe and easy way to get to a religious event


When you have a medium to a large group, a private bus/minibus is one of the easiest ways to get from point A to point B - whether it's a spiritual retreat, religious service, or volunteer event. Keeping everyone's safety is always important for transporting your congregation.

Service Tailored to You

We specialize in first class chauffeured transportation services for business & association meetings, conventions, incentive meetings, special events and corporate travel. Our premium services also include wedding transportation, prom services, night on the town, anniversaries.







Religious Events with a Charter Bus

We’ll help you get to and from any event, from big or small-from basketball tournaments to choir competitions and youth conventions. Plus, when you arrive, we’ll help get you around town.

We provide professional bus drivers who will pick you up from your hotel every morning. We’ll take you to the conference center, theater, or gym where your event is being held. At the end of the day, we’ll be waiting for you at a departure point near where it happened so your group can quickly head off to dinner and drinks after one more thing.

No need to worry about parking, waiting for people who are running late, or wondering how you lost half the team in a subway station. We will provide safe, reliable transportation so that you can focus on important things like worship and fellowship.

Community for Youth Groups on the Road

Starting a carpool can be difficult and require a lot of effort and relies on your ability to get enough volunteers. It also doesn’t give your kids the chance to spend time with each other on the road.

If you rent a charter bus, your students can study religious texts, play ice-breakers, or just talk while a professional driver takes all of you safely to your destination. You won’t have to worry about anyone getting lost or distracted while driving, which means you can focus on fellowship instead.

Day Trips with a Minibus

Rent a minibus for your group getaway. Minibusses are easier to park than large buses, and they come with amenities like comfortable seats and overhead storage. Start the day off calmly with quality transportation before your event begins.

Travel Comfortably Over Long Distances

If you’re travelling for close to a week for a religious concert, conference or retreat, it’s worth considering charter buses for additional legroom. They offer better features than minibuses, like storage space for luggages.

Sightsee in Other Cities Together

Let us know where you’re going so we can provide a better experience, whether you want to make any stops at shrines or religious landmarks along the way, and how many people you’re bringing along.

In-City Shuttle Service

We understand that religious communities value weekly services. But people who are elderly, have a disability, or can’t afford a car might struggle to attend every week. If you need a shuttle to take people from their neighborhoods or a far-away parking lot to your place of worship, Caltie can help.

We offer long-term contracts for groups who need shuttle service on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis:

  • Daily transportation
  • Weekly transportation
  • Every other week transportation
  • College tours
  • Monthly transportation
  • Yearly transportation
  • Other periods of time

Worry-Free travel with Caltie

No need to worry about parking or traffic – Caltie takes care of everything so you can focus on what really matters: your big day!

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Frequently asked questions

How much will it cost?

Price may vary depending on location, how long you’ll need the bus, and other factors. For more information, click here for more information or text/call us at (512) 831-3655 for a free, personalized quote.

Can I see the vehicle before my rental is finalized?

Yes. We can send pictures of your vehicle prior to your date upon request.

Can I drink alcohol on the bus?

Yes. Please let your reservation specialist know that you'd like to drink on the bus prior to your trip. There is a cleaning fee if a mess is left behind.

Do we need to clean the vehicle after the event?

It is recommended that you throw away all remaining trash to avoid a cleaning fee, but deep cleaning is not required.

Can we play our own music?

Definitely! Speaker systems and aux plug-ins are available upon request. Just make sure you mention to one of our reservation specialists that you would like to play music on the bus.

Do I need to find parking for the vehicle?

No. Our operations team will secure parking and staging areas for the vehicle prior to your trip.

How often will my driver need to take breaks?

For weddings, drivers typically wait until the clients are busy enjoying their event to take breaks.

Do I need to provide food, drinks, or lodging for my driver?

Providing food and drink is not required. You will only need to provide lodging for the driver(s) if your reservation spans multiple days.

How much should I tip my driver?

We recommend tipping your driver(s) 10-20% of the total cost, in cash, if possible.