Caltie provides all of your transportation needs, whether it be bus transportation for your guests or you looking to take a chauffeured ride, our experienced staff will help you find the perfect solution.


From little league and professional teams to the fans who cheer them on, Caltie is your go-to transportation provider for any sports organization travel you can imagine.


Service Tailored to You

We specialize in first class chauffeured transportation services for business & association meetings, conventions, incentive meetings, special events and corporate travel. Our premium services also include wedding transportation, prom services, night on the town, anniversaries.







Stress-Free Storage Solutions

Save time and effort in running around with equipment by having a motorcoach carry it for you. You also get to relax on the trip without worrying about parking or wasting gas.

Cheer On Your Favorite Team

Are you planning to cheer on your favorite team rather than take the field? Caltie can provide a shuttle service for you too. We will take your fan group to and from the stadium so that no one has to miss any of the games. You can enjoy food, drink, and time with friends at the game knowing that your fan group will be there in plenty of time for the kickoff.

Shuttles for the Entire Season

While you’re planning, set up a shuttle service to service your whole season. Caltie offers long-term contracts! With your transportation taken care of in advance, you’ll be able to focus on other aspects of the event instead. No more scrambling for a transportation service every other week. We’ll have the perfect vehicle waiting for you whenever and wherever you need it.

In-City Shuttle Service

Of course, your transportation service doesn’t have to start or end on game day. Once you’ve arrived in your destination city, Caltie can provide you transportation to and from the hotel as well as any other destinations you may need to visit. You’ll find it quite useful for things like team-building events before a game or family dinners at your favorite restaurant.

  • Family dinners
  • Your favorite restaurant
  • Team-building events
  • Night out
  • City tour
  • Other events

Worry-Free travel with Caltie

No need to worry about parking or traffic – Caltie takes care of everything so you can focus on what really matters: your big day!

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Frequently asked questions

How much will it cost?

Price may vary depending on location, how long you’ll need the bus, and other factors. For more information, click here for more information or text/call us at (512) 831-3655 for a free, personalized quote.

Can I see the vehicle before my rental is finalized?

Yes. We can send pictures of your vehicle prior to your date upon request.

Can I drink alcohol on the bus?

Yes. Please let your reservation specialist know that you'd like to drink on the bus prior to your trip. There is a cleaning fee if a mess is left behind.

Do we need to clean the vehicle after the event?

It is recommended that you throw away all remaining trash to avoid a cleaning fee, but deep cleaning is not required.

Can we play our own music?

Definitely! Speaker systems and aux plug-ins are available upon request. Just make sure you mention to one of our reservation specialists that you would like to play music on the bus.

Do I need to find parking for the vehicle?

No. Our operations team will secure parking and staging areas for the vehicle prior to your trip.

How often will my driver need to take breaks?

For weddings, drivers typically wait until the clients are busy enjoying their event to take breaks.

Do I need to provide food, drinks, or lodging for my driver?

Providing food and drink is not required. You will only need to provide lodging for the driver(s) if your reservation spans multiple days.

How much should I tip my driver?

We recommend tipping your driver(s) 10-20% of the total cost, in cash, if possible.